John Hughes   &   Stephen Katz


  k o r a  &  c e l l o

d u o

Kora player John Hughes and cellist Stephen Katz are each exceptions to many a rule.  The duo's avant-garde fusion of African and European strings reaches, at once, deeply into their respective traditions and far and wide outside of the proverbial ‘boxes’ of both.  The result is an errant complicity of deeply poetic proportions.

Focusing on the essence - rhythm, harmony, and silence - John and Stephen bring to their collaboration unique and proprietary styles of playing as well as the compositional agility and deep listening of consummate improvisers.  Stately and elegant, intense and passionate, precise and playful, the music frolics through time and space like bees in a field of wildflowers - euphonic praise of life and fellowship!

The k o r a  &  c e l l d u o is available for concerts, weddings, private parties, etc.

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Be sure to listen to an excerpt from his brand new CD, “Flying Pizzicato”!!

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